Success Stories

These are some of the veterans we've helped

Veterans QRF has been a phenomenal support system for me. When my service dog broke her leg and had to get surgery, I was most definitely not in a position to be able to afford her vet bills or rehabilitative care. I had no idea how I was going to make ends meet for myself for living essentials or provide the care that my service dog needed to get better. I was devastated and beyond stressed. Not knowing where to turn to, I reached out to various organizations and was unable to receive support anywhere. I stumbled across Veterans QRF and they were quick to help me come up with a game plan, gave positive peer support and financial resources that put me in a position where I could get back on track and make ends meet. And most importantly, my service dog has made a full recovery with their help. I will be forever grateful for this program! I don’t know what I would have done without Veterans QRF.

“As the the COVID-19 PANDEMIC came upon by surprise, and the Governor shut down the entire state, my husband’s small Transportation Business got shut down as well. Nobody was traveling at all, there was no business, so there was no income coming into our family. My VA therapist referred me to the Veterans QRF. I emailed David Tetreault and he emailed me back within an hour. He asked me to fill out a QRF Form and I did it and emailed it back to him. From looking at my QRF Form he realized that I needed at least $200.00 for groceries for two weeks for a family of 5. We did everything during the week and by the following Tuesday I had a $200.00 Market Basket gift card in the mail for us. He didn’t stop there, after two weeks went by, he reached out to me to ask me if we needed anymore gift cards for food. I was too embarrassed to ask for help because we are a proud family who doesn’t like handouts. We would prefer to work multiple jobs to get what we want. I also wanted to make sure that other veterans got a piece of the pie as well. I like to share.  Anyway to make a long story short, I told David that we needed the second Market Basket gift card. He had it to us with two days.

I think this QRF Program is necessary for veterans in need. They are very helpful during this Pandemic. My family and I cannot thank David and this organization enough for what they have done for us. He is very professional and efficient in his job. We need more companies to donate to this Program so that they can continue to help veterans in any crisis”

“While in the process of trying to sell my home and move my disabled mother to a new home, I ran into multiple unanticipated expenses that completely drained all of my savings. I was truly worried as to how I was going to afford to not only sell my home but to pay for all the necessary expenses for my new home that included at least a month of temporary housing. Fortunately, Veterans Quick Reaction Force was referred to me from the Lowell Veterans Resource Center. Within days, I received Market Basket gift cards that helped me to put food on the table for my mother and I for a month. As stressful as it has been to live in temporary housing, the support of Veterans QRF has eased some of my concerns with their support. Thank you so much to David Tetreault and his organization!”