A Support System for Veterans

Veterans QRF's Mission

At Veterans QRF (Quick Reaction Force), we understand that combat trauma can have lasting effects on our veterans’ mental health and well-being. We also understand that many veterans experience unexpected events that significantly impact them financially, impeding their ability to continue treatment. That’s why our mission is to be a resource that bridges the gap between a veteran’s mental health needs and the unexpected financial challenges they encounter. We partner with therapists who specialize in combat and military trauma readjustment therapy, who deploy our financial assistance to veterans in crisis.

What We Do

Gift Cards

We supply our partnered therapists with grocery and gas gift cards that they can distribute (at their own discretion) to veterans who face financial hardships that may interfere with their access to treatment.

Specific Needs

We also accept anonymous requests from therapists for specific needs that their veteran clients may have, such as rent, utilities, car repairs, or medical bills.

Rapid Response

We act as a Quick Reaction Force, deploying financial resources within hours of receiving a request, ensuring no veteran is left behind.

Why It Matters

Imagine a veteran who is struggling with PTSD and depression. They are working with a therapist to heal their wounds, but they can barely afford to put food on the table or gas in their car…

Or imagine a veteran (who lives paycheck to paycheck) is seeking treatment for trauma related to their service in the military, and is unexpectedly told by their spouse they are filing for divorce…

Where do they live? How do they afford legal representation? How can they focus on work? 


That’s where Veterans QRF comes in.

We give therapists an additional tool they can use to support their veteran clients, easing their financial stress and enabling them to continue their therapy.

What makes us different from other veteran resources

Veterans QRF does not take any personal information from the veterans that receive our assistance. Since the veteran is seeing a therapist we partner with, we do not need to verify their veteran status or eligibility. We believe that the veteran receiving the resource at the time of need is more important than taking several steps that could take over a week to verify eligibility status based on arbitrary criteria, nevermind actually deploying that assistance. Veterans QRF does not care what branch you served in, what theatre you went to, or what trauma you experienced. As veterans, we don’t let any of our brothers and sisters in arms slip through the cracks that can be saved from an event that would have a detrimental impact on them or their family. 

This attitude towards supplying resources to veterans in a way that makes the greatest impact to the individual is what allows us to swiftly deploy the resources graciously donated to our organization by our private donors. A veteran and their family, who have already sacrificed so much quality time, holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, dance recitals, and little league baseball games together should never have to worry about being financially secure while they work on healing the invisible wounds they sustained while serving to protect our freedom.