Your Donations Will Make a Direct Impact in the Local Community

Imagine a veteran who is struggling with PTSD and depression. They are working with a therapist to heal their wounds, but they can barely afford to put food on the table or gas in their car. How can they focus on their recovery when they are constantly worried about survival? That’s where Veterans QRF comes in. We give therapists an additional tool they can use to support their veteran clients, easing their financial stress and enabling them to continue their therapy.

Veterans QRF recognizes that no two veterans are the same, and that their therapists know their clients the best out of any resource they would be using, which is why we empower the therapists to deploy resources IMMEDIATELY via gift cards and have reserved funds for specific needs by request.

Did You Know?

Over three-quarters (75.8%) of military and veteran families carry debt.

Slightly more than half (51.2%) of military and veteran families have experienced barriers to saving money over the past two years.

Among veteran families, 38.4% reported having less than $500 in an emergency savings fund or no fund at all.

According to WWP’s 2022 Annual Warrior Survey, more than 6 in 10 warriors (64%) reported not having enough money to make ends meet at some point in the past 12 months2.

Our Team

The Veterans QRF team is made up of veterans for veterans.

Our History

Veterans QRF was created in recognition of the lack of resources provided to veterans in emergency situations.  We believe immediate assistance should be measured in hours, not days, months, or even years.

Our Mission

Veterans QRF (Quick Reaction Force) is committed to being a resource that bridges the gap between a veteran’s mental health needs and the unexpected financial challenges they encounter.

A Note Regarding Our Program

Veterans QRF is providing assistance to veterans who are seeking readjustment counseling. Due to limited funding, we are only able to take referrals from our veteran resource center partners.